Martes, Oktubre 11, 2011

Esources Scam

Many people know of the underhand tactics esources owner Stefano Carboni will get up to in order to harm the reputation of any company that doesn't bow to his self inspired greatness but in case you didn't, here's something else that may shock you.

Carboni owns Carboni owns Carboni only allows negative posts on his forum about companies he does not like most of which Carboni or someone he knows or employs writes themselves. Any positive reviews will be deleted. How do I know this? I had a customer on the phone today saying the made a positive post about us and it got removed.

Carboni also spends money on Google Adwords targeting these companies and driving traffic to his forum with fake and very biased reviews. Search for devilwear on Google and you'll see what I mean.

Now, what could have made him so angry he'd do something like this? Well, it's all to do with this forum you see. I own a number of companies. One being DevilWear and one being Dropship Limited. The latter runs this forum.

Of course, anyone can see that we leave all comments about all companies on this forum for everyone to see. Carboni doesn't like this because we don't get scared by court cases and threats when we refuse to remove negative comments about esources scam. So rather than spending time finding out why people are complaining about his company and what he can do to combat this issue, he spends time and money harming those companies who helped people see the truth.

Does your esources membership fees go towards improving the service you have paid for? Erm no, it goes towards it's owners passion of harming the reputation of those who dare stand up to him. It's not just us, search for one of the other sponsors of DSF and you'll find the same thing.

Don't believe me? Well, anyone who has a good comment about devilwear just search devilwear in Google and click on their sponsored link titled Devil Ware - Scam. Now they've recently changed the link to where that ad goes to. The first post is genuine as we wouldn't refund someone their "non-refundable" deposit but there's other threads and posts on there that aren't. Simply reply on the forum saying you disagree with the thread and see how long it takes for them to remove the content (that is unless they cotton on to this thread first and call my bluff).

Otherwise it's just one more reason not to trust Carboni or any of the companies he runs.

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